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Press Review
The reproduction and use of articles in the Press Review section of the Portal shall comply with the provisions set out in articles 65 and 101 of the Law 22 April 1941, n. 633 and its subsequent amendments and integrations: (art. 65) “articles on news of economic, political or religious character, published on magazines or newspapers, or broadcasted or available to the public, and other similar materials can be freely reproduced or diffused to the public in other magazines, newspapers and also broadcasted, when their reproduction or use has not been expressly reserved and provided that the source, date and author name are mentioned.”; (art. 101) “reproduction of information and news is legitimate if not against the honest journalistic use and provided that the source is mentioned.”

All rights on the electronic databanks present and available on the Portal are reserved. Are prohibited, unless differently provided for, the excerption and reproduction and any other use, within the limits set out in the articles 64-quinqies and 64-sexies of the Law 22 April 1941 and subsequent amendments and integrations. Users should also be aware that according to the article 102-ter of the aforementioned law, legitimate users of electronic databanks cannot be detrimental to the copyrights holder or to the holder of other rights on works or services contained in the databanks.Furthermore, legitimate users of a publicly accessible databank shall not act against the normal administration of the databank or as a detriment to the databank creator. When databanks are publicly accessible, legitimate users don’t need Authorization if using parts of databank qualitatively and quantitatively evaluated as not substantial parts of it.

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