The navigation and use of the web portal accessible at the URL (hereinafter “Portal”) requires the integral acceptance of the present General Conditions of use and of all the Particular Conditions of use for each legal service or any other service (hereinafter “Services”) available and published in suitable pages and sections of the Portal (hereinafter “Particular Conditions”).

Users agree to have read and to accept all the present General Conditions and Particular Condition of use and/or any other note, legal notice, informative or disclaimer published in any part of the Portal.
Users bind, relieving OfficineLegali Sta Srl of any liability, to use the Portal and any other service, data, information etc. available on the Portal only for legitimate purposes and abiding by all terms and conditions of use anywhere specified on the Portal. Users take the full and sole responsibility for any illegitimate use and/or infringement of the applicable law.

General obligatory information
The Portal accessible at the URL it’s published by Officinelegali Sta Srl con sede in Torino, Via della Rocca n. 21 – CAP 10123 – Tel. 011 19741812 – Fax. 011 19746020 – e-mail: – CF e Partita IVA 11906570012.
Referring Authority: Turin Bar Association.
The web Portal hosting is at Aruba SpA.
According to the article 17, II, letter B) of the Forensic Deontological Code (click for the entire document) the following information are provided for:
Mr. Massimo Ramello is pledged to abide scrupulously by the current version of the Deontological Forensic Code (click for the entire document) in providing all the Services available on the Portal and in performing any activity in connection with the Portal.
The responsible for all Services is Massimo Ramello.
The relative and current insurance policy has been signed by Massimo Ramello with the insurance company AIG Europe Limited, Rappresentanza Generale per l’Italia – Via della Chiusa 2, 20132 Milano (MI) – policy number IFL0006526.004740 – valid from 10.15.2017 with a maximum coverage of Euro 1,000,000.00 millions (Euro onemillion/00).
The professional fees amount for Portal on-line services is calculated in conformity with the professional fees published on the Ministerial Decree 37/2018, Gazzetta Ufficiale, Supplemento Ordinario, n. 96 of April, 26, 2018.To display the integral text click on Nuovo Tariffario Forense.

Use of services and information

Information available on the Portal is free of charge while Legal Services are fee–based services.
Information available on the Portal is only an informative tool and, unless differently specified, does not constitute a contractual proposal neither an offer to the public according to art. 1336 of the Civil Code and cannot be considered a binding promise for any business or negotiation.
Any exploitation of the Portal and/or the Services (including any form of reproduction, editing, duplication, copy, distribution or sale such intended for) is strictly prohibited unless differently specified and/or upon written authorization of Massimo Ramello.

Guarantees and Responsibilities
Within the limits set by the applicable law, and unless where differently specified on the basis of Deontological ties, Users recognize that the use of the Portal is at their sole risk. The Portal is provided “as is” and “as available”. The Firm does not offer any guarantee about the expected, whished or obtained outcomes by using the Portal.
Within the limits set out in the article 1229 of the Civil Code, Users state and guarantee to relieve the Firm, its representatives, employees, collaborators, associated and partners of any sort of compensation liability including legal expenses, that could arise in relation to the use of the Portal. In case the applicable law does not allow for responsibility relieves, the Firm’s responsibility should anyway be limited within the limits set by the law.
The Firm rejects any responsibility for eventual User’s claims in case of impossibility to use the Portal and/or the Services for any reason. The Firm cannot be considered defaulting and disclaims all liabilities for all – direct or indirect – damages, claims or losses Users may suffer as consequence of breakdown and/or defective functioning of User’s own electronic devices or electronic devices of third parties, including Internet Service Providers, phone and computer connections not directly operated by the Firm or by persons under the Firm’s supervision, or by actions of other users or persons accessing the net.
The Firm has the right to discontinue at any time, temporarily or permanently its own Services (or any part of it). User agrees that the Firm cannot be held liable in any way toward users or third parties for the suspension or discontinuation of its own Services.
The information (textual or graphic) related to goods and/or services eventually offered on the Portal but coming directly from the Firm’s suppliers, won’t imply any liability for him, since each supplier will take the sole responsibility for instructions, specifications and descriptions reported on the Portal. As a consequence, the Firm disclaims any liability in connection with inaccuracies, graphic mistakes, or with explicit or implicit guarantees on information, contents and software, with data marketability and suitability with specific goals, goods or services announced or offered by suppliers on the Portal; however, upon request and within the limits set by the law, the Firm will provide name, address and any other necessary data to identify suppliers and/or producers of the eventually offered goods and services.

Use of editorial, promotional and contact services (either than legal ones)

The Firm disclaims any responsibility for information (textual or graphic), documents or materials inserted by third parties on the Portal when availing of special (i.e. Clients and Company Matching, Careers, etc.) general services (hereinafter “General Services”), even in case such contents could be available to users in editorial services offered by the Firm.Users agree that all information, data, software, music, sound, photographs, images, videos, messages or any other material (“Contents”), weather publicly accessible or privately transmitted, fall in the sole responsibility of the persons providing such Contents. Therefore, Users, and not the Firm, take the full and sole responsibility for any Content uploaded, published, send via e-mail, or in any other way transmitted or diffused through the Portal.
Users agree to avoid using Services or General Services or any other service, or functionality of the Portal to:

  1. upload, publish, privately send or in any other way diffuse or transmit Contents that could be illicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory and/or slanderous , vulgar, obscene, violating other people privacy, racist, class-related, or anyway reprehensible;
  2. be harmful, in any way, to minors;
  3. forging identities, for example by impersonating representatives of the Firm, or lying about the relation with other subjects;
  4. create letterheads or in other way manipulate distinctive signs or instructions in order to counterfeit the origin of the Content transmitted or diffused through the Services, the General Services or any other type of functionality available on the Portal;
  5. upload, publish, privately send or in any other way transmit or diffuse a Content without holding the right to do so according to law provisions, to contract or fiduciary relations (i.e. private information, confidential information in connection with a job task or protected by a confidentiality agreement);
  6. upload, publish, privately or in any other way transmit or diffuse a Content involving the infringement of patents, trademarks, secrets, copyrights, or other industrial and/or intellectual property rights of third parties (“Rights”);
  7. upload, publish, privately or in any other way transmit or diffuse advertising, promotional material, “junk mail”, “spam”, chain letters, pyramidal schemes, or any other form of unsolicited or unauthorized communication;
  8. upload, post, privately send or in any other way transmit any kind of material containing viruses or scripts, file or programs created to discontinue, destroy or limit third parties software, hardware or telecommunications systems;
  9. interrupt the normal progress of dialogues, induce a video-streaming overload disabling Users from typing or, anyway, act in a way to limit the capacity of other users to interact in real time;
  10. interfere or interrupt the Services and/or the servers connected to the Services;
  11. violate, either on purpose or effect, any applicable law or regulation;
  12. haunt or in any other way harass third parties, collect or store personal data of other users.Linking to or from other internet resourcesThe Portal could set links (hereinafter “links”) to other websites or Internet resources.

Users realize and recognize that the Firm cannot be held responsible for the correct functioning of such web sites or external resources.Hyper-textual links and any other kind of link to the Portal cannot be set without the express written authorization of the Firm. However, setting such links, even upon authorization, does not imply any responsibility for the Firm, and it is clearly understood that the Firm has the right to request at any time for their removal. The Firm has no duty to control, and effectively does not control, the content of such web sites and disclaims all responsibilities for the content and/or the material, even for the advertising material, diffused on such web sites or external resources or for products or services available on it. Such products or services cannot be considered in any way sponsored, approved, or supported by the Firm and Users take then the sole and full responsibility for the use and purchase of the aforementioned products or services.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The terms and conditions of use for issues in conformity with the protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property are specified in the Disclaimer Copyright document that Users agree to have read and accepted.
Personal Data protection on the web site
The Firm states that data processing of User’s personal data collected in connection navigation and/or utilization of Services, General Services and any other functionality of the Portal will be performed fully abiding by the restrictions and obligations set out in the EU Regulation n. 679/2016 (the “Regulation”) and Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (the “Privacy Code”) complying with the modalities and the aims provided for in the Informative (click to display the Informative), that Users agree to have carefully read.

Amendments, applicable law and jurisdiction

The Firm reserves at any time the right to modify the Portal and to amend the present General Conditions and Particular Conditions. Users shall always refer to the actual version of the General Conditions and Particular Conditions text published at the time of consultation. General Conditions and Particular Conditions of use and relations between Portal Users and the Firm are subject to Italian Law and come under Italian jurisdiction.
Any dispute arising between Users and the Firm in connection with the use of the Portal and/or Services and/or General Services will be submitted to the Italian jurisdiction and will be of exclusive territorial competence of the Forum of Turin (Foro di Torino), within the limits set in the article 5.1 of the Rome Convention of 1980 and in the articles 14 and 15 of the Convention of Brussels as well as, when applicable, in the Regulation (EC) n. 44/2001 of the 2000 December 22 Europe Council.
Whenever General Conditions and/or Particular Conditions provisions should be considered invalid or unenforceable, those provisions will be anyway interpreted to highlight the common intentions of Users and the Firm, in accordance with the rest of General Condition and the Particular Condition’s provisions.
The eventual non-exercise by the Firm of rights and provisions set in the General Conditions and/or Particular Condition shall in no way constitute a renunciation to those selves unless an express written statement of the Firm.


The Firm welcomes User’s comments and suggestions on Portal and/or Services. Users may contact the Portal webmaster at: or write to the Firm geographical address.
All suggestion or information gathered by the Firm in this way will be treated as un-confidential information and can be used without limitations. Users will be held responsible if the information supplied to the Firm violates third parties rights.