Legal advice

The line between “legal advice” and “legal information” is often blurred. As a general matter, only a lawyer may give actual legal advice, whereas any non-lawyer may recite legal information. Furthermore, it is generally illegal for a non-lawyer or unlicensed attorney to offer legal advice or otherwise represent someone other than himself or herself in a court of law.

People who either willingly or unknowingly give legal advice without the skill, judgment, or authority to do so are essentially participating in the unauthorized practice of law and, therefore, subject to court penalties.

Unlike legal information, legal advice refers to the written or oral counsel about a legal matter that would affect the rights and responsibilities of the person receiving the advice. In addition, actual legal advice requires careful analysis of the law as it applies to a person’s specific situation – as opposed to speculation based on generic facts.

From a legal standpoint, the giving of legal advice is tantamount to the practice of law, and only a licensed attorney with whom one has formed an attorney-client relationship with may give actual legal advice. Because of the obligations that arise from the giving of such legal advice, the advice-giver is also bound to certain rights and responsibilities as a result of the information given.

Out of court assistance

Out-of-court legal assistance includes defence and legal advisory services provided in out-of-court disputes without going to court.

Out-of-court legal assistance includes defence and legal advisory services provided in out-of-court disputes, this means in all those circumstances in which it is advisable to seek and settle disputes or issues of legal nature without going to court. Our Law Firm provides legal assistance to obtain a clear, exhaustive and timely response.

Out-of-court assistance activities are focused on:

  • preventing disputes, thus avoiding the costs of a lawsuit to the charge of the client;
  • identifying solutions;
  • carrying out specific actions, whose correct performance depends on the provision of legal services.

Litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution

There are times when the preservation of one’s financial position is as important as the search for new opportunities. We stand ready to assist our clients in the most different forms of disputes, always in pursuit of the best results with a high degree of effectiveness, creativity, and efficiency.

We advise and represent our clients in litigation and preventive matters in various types of business disputes, appearing before courts, administrative authorities, and regulatory agencies, participating in arbitration proceedings and assisting clients in preliminary discussions to prevent or reduce litigation impact.

In the trial stage of litigation, we collaborate with experts and clients to craft a trial theme, identify strengths and weaknesses in a case; develop persuasive arguments; prepare witnesses for testimony and draft and argue trial motions.

Most cases never reach trial but instead are settled in order to eliminate the risk and expense of trial. We may settle a case at any time during the life cycle of the litigation

Our approach includes a thorough analysis of a client’s objectives and constraints and the strategic importance of relevant issues at the beginning of a dispute, resulting in greater clarity of client expectations throughout the litigation process.