OfficineLegali assists and advises Clients, whether individuals or corporations, in assessing and reducing criminal risks specifically connected with their business activities. In case of litigation, our criminal litigators act as defence counsel in criminal proceedings.

We advise corporations, corporate executives, officers and employees on white collar crimes and represent Clients in a full range of criminal proceedings, regarding e.g. corporate crimes; bankruptcy crimes; environmental crimes; occupational health and safety crimes; crimes against industry and commerce; food safety crimes; frauds; crimes against property in general, including money laundering, corruption, extortion of money by public officers; crimes against public administration in general; crimes against the public faith, including crimes involving false statements; and cyber crimes.

We also assist and represent Clients in medical malpractice, privacy and defamation cases.

We have acquired a notable experience in representing Clients who are victims of crimes. Additionally, we assists and represent Clients in bringing civil claims within criminal proceedings.

We have significant experience in conducting defensive investigations to the benefit of people under investigation and victims of crimes. When necessary, we retain well known experts and detectives, who closely act in coordination with and under the supervision of our criminal professionals. We have conducted defensive investigations for high profile cases including grave car accidents, cyber crimes, environmental crimes, white collar crimes, medical malpractice, stalking and violence against people in general, including minors. We also have specific expertise in crimes relating to the international trade of artwork.

In cross-border cases we work together with foreign attorneys. We are able to assist and represent Clients in transnational cases