OfficineLegali assist and advise Clients on domestic and international tax issues in connection with day-to-day business activities as well as extraordinary transactions, such as corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, corporate reorganizations, transfers of company assets, recapitalizations, intra-group and financial agreements. Our legal services also cover the tax aspects of activities carried out by individuals and tax matters in connection with real estate transaction.

We assist Italian and foreign real estate owners in Italy and abroad who want to optimize the fiscal management of their assets.

Our extensive experience in international tax matters allows us to advise international clients, and particularly foreign corporations that want to set up their business in Italy through the incorporation of local entity, by forming a subsidiary or by venturing with Italian partners. We regularly assist international clients on company taxation, including transfer pricing aspects.

Our Tax practice group offers the following services:

Corporate Transactions

  • Incorporation and organization of local entities, establishment of subsidiaries and representative offices for foreign companies;
  • Formation of joint ventures, consortiums and GEIE;
  • Sale of business, assets and shareholdings;
  • Feasibility studies and implementation of corporate restructurings, including mergers, spin-offs, capital increases, transformations and liquidation of corporations and other legal entities;
  • Study, planning and execution of management buy-outs, corporate acquisitions, public offers of stocks and stock option plans;
  • Participation in shareholders meetings and boards of directors meetings on behalf of Clients;
  • Appointment of corporate directors and statutory auditors on behalf of Clients;
  • Management and Management Control Services;
  • Assistance and advice on accounting and management restructuring;
  • Advice on setting up accounting procedures;
  • Periodic auditing of management and accounting systems and procedures;
  • Assistance and advice in preparing and drafting financial statements;
  • Assistance and advice in preparing annual and other periodic budgets and reports;
  • Audit activities carried out through authorized auditing companies.

Tax Assistance and Advice

  • Advice on all tax aspects and issues with respect to both direct and indirect taxation;
  • Analysis and planning for the optimization of direct and indirect tax burden, including the implementation of supply chain projects;
  • Tax advice related to corporate transactions such as acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs, capital increases and liquidations, including tax audit on target companies;
  • Tax analysis, opinions and planning concerning real estate assets, trust funds, inheritance and donations;
  • Advice on international tax planning for multinational groups;
  • Advice and assistance on tax and financial relieves, both domestic (state and local) and international;
  • Advice on VAT with respect to both domestic and cross border transactions, including VAT cash-flow optimization and VAT credit refund procedures;
  • Assistance and representation before the Italian tax authorities.


  • Assistance, advice and representation in preparing and submitting requests for national and international tax rulings.

Tax Litigation

  • Representation and defense activities in tax litigation before tax courts, including in connection with criminal tax and financial proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Assistance with tax inspections and tax settlement procedures;
  • Assistance and representation of taxpayers before judicial authorities, including tax courts, ordinary and administrative courts, Italian supreme court of Cassation and European courts;
  • Drafting memoranda and opinions on tax law and litigation matters, including with respect to EU and international law;
  • Analysis and calculation of tax, interest and penalties due in connection with tax sanctions or settlements.

Due Diligence Activities

  • Investigations on the legal, tax and economic conditions of target corporations;
  • Preparation of due diligence reports for corporations acquiring or selling companies or assets
  • Review of corporate documents, real estate documents and contracts;
  • Monitoring and review of administrative and judicial proceedings.

Corporate Structure Optimization

  • Assistance in connection with capital increase transactions for the introduction of new financial or industrial shareholders;
  • Assistance with company reorganizations in connection with sale of minority shareholdings to new partners to facilitate generational or entrepreneurial turnover.

Optimization or Restructuring of Financial Assets

  • Definition of optimal strategies for the financial coverage of specific investment or development projects;
  • Assistance in the analysis and implementation of optimization projects or financial reorganizations of troubled companies, including by way of debt renegotiations with banks and other creditors.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Privatization Procedures, LBO/MBOs

  • Drafting of information memoranda and valuation activities on target companies;
  • Assistance in negotiations and tax aspects of sales and acquisitions of companies, assets, control shareholdings or minority stakes;
  • Assistance on valuation and procedures relating to the privatization of government-owned companies;
  • Assistance on planning (for financial, economic and tax aspects) and executing leveraged buy.outs, management buy-outs and family buy outs for the leveraged acquisition of companies or assets